Bees V Plastic

It is always great to find something on your doormat that isn’t junk mail or a bill, especially when it is something you are waiting for, or of course a surprise package. Well this morning, I was happy to find my latest purchase delivered.

I’m sure you have seen the same shocking photos and statistics as I have about the damage we have done to our planet with plastics, which seem to be more common since Sir David Attenborough presented the final episode of Blue Planet II earlier this year, however, he seems optimistic that it isn’t too late!

After years of washing and sorting our recyclable waste in Japan, I was disappointed in how only main household items were recycled in the the UK and thought of how much waste isn’t being recycled because it isn’t being collected from the end of the street like in Tokyo. I do what I can to be eco-friendly in our house, but know there is so much more I could do.

Modern conveniences seem to have resulted in extra waste and packaging, Japan is renowned for their excessive packaging with individual pieces of fruit wrapped in foam netting at high end department stores, however it seemed easier to recycle there.

Anyway, back to the here and now, I believe if everyone makes small changes we can make a difference and at the very least set a good example to the next generation. Hence my latest purchase, beeswax wraps which can be used instead of cellophane food wrap.

After recently meeting the founder of BZB Wraps I thought it is the time to make the switch, so now I have three different sized wraps to use, wash and reuse. Little Miss and I love the cute bee design and you can get kits to make your own wraps too, which I’m sure would be fun to make together on a rainy day.

Thankfully I don’t have to make obento/lunch boxes for school or my OH everyday but I am guilty of using plastic to cover food I want to save or have prepared for meals later in the day, so here’s to using beeswax wraps from now on.

With a little warmth from your hands as you place them around the bowl the wrap clings like you’d hope and you don’t catch your fingers on that sharp edge of a cellophane wrap dispenser, so happy days. It may only be a small change in one home but as Sir David Attenborough said “The actions of any just one of us may seem to be trivial and to have no effect. But the knowledge that there are thousands, hundreds of thousands of people who are doing the same thing – that really does have an effect – so please join us.”

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