First date

After years together and my partner introducing me to shooting over a year ago I had a first shooting date with my OH and my new gun today. With the grand folk still in town for the holidays the two of us could sneak off for our first shooting date while Little Miss happily played with her new toys and watched more family movies on TV.

The sun was shining bright in the morning but was hiding behind clouds as we drove out to the shooting school, however, it wasn’t an issue as it was mild and dry, so great weather to get out and slay some clays.

I don’t think I’m a very competitive person but my OH is, so the pressure was on plus I needed to show him our money hasn’t been wasted on my lessons over the last year.

My 20g Kofs gun (still unnamed) didn’t disappoint and after trying her out I’m happy with the choice I made. The shotgun is light enough not to be a burden when walking up to the stands or while waiting around but a sufficient weight to control recoil. The Beretta cheek pad/comb raiser seemed to work well as I didn’t feel the need to lift my head off the stock to lock onto clays and soon felt at ease with my Kofs Sceptre.

The third shot was a hit and being a bit of a sentimental person I kept the cartridge as a momento of my first hit with my own gun…

When I first started shooting I sometimes placed my finger too high up on the trigger and missed clays, and today I regressed making the same mistake a couple of times, however, I will put that down to getting used to my new gun and learn from it.

My OH is “a bit of an expert” (those who have had to endure hours of Peppa Pig will know this phrase well!) when it comes to rifle shooting, so he was naturally good with a shotgun too and it was great fun to compete and do something we both enjoy together. Of course my non-competitive nature was overjoyed when I tallied up the scores and I had hit more than he had!

So take time to do the things you enjoy with those you love as I did today, because that’s what life is for. I look forward to when Little Miss is old enough to join us on shooting dates too, although she’s as competitive as daddy so I envisage some serious family competitions in the future.

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