Winter fun in the sun

As always the first couple of weeks of the New Year fly by in a bit of whirlwind with Little Miss’ birthday and the return to school. Even after all the years I lived in Japan, punctuality was not something I acquired, so morning school runs tend to be a bit of a rush as Mizu runs around sniffing at his lead before we all bundle into the car.

Once the ice had defrosted from the car, we were on our way and Little Miss was in her classroom just before the jingle chime after she had given me a final goodbye kiss, one morning task complete, so now it was time to take my other baby for his morning walk.

Rather than the usual wander around the village I thought he would like to have a run around one of his favourite places, Cherished Farm, an enclosed field for dogs to run, play and socialise. On warmer days Little Miss loves to drive out here and have a milkshake after running around, days like today hot chocolate would be the drink of choice.

With the sun shining I didn’t mind leaving the warmth of the car after checking the dash and seeing the outside temperature was 0 °C, because sunshine makes me happy and as Helen Keller said “Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.”

Bounding with energy and desperate to get off his leash I took Mizu to the cafe to sign in, grab my coffee fix and buy some doggy treat supplies. This morning we had the field to ourselves, so Mizu only had me to run around with but armed with his ball and a pocket full of treats I was his favourite human on the planet!

Rubber toys have never lasted more than 5 minutes in our house but the Nerf ball has survived almost a month and it makes me chuckle when Mizu runs around with it squeaking madly.

Having burnt off a bit of his excessive energy it was time to get him jumping to my beat, I’m the alpha and have to remind him of that at times, although he is only really interested in the treat he is rewarded with once he does as I ask.

Having finished my latte and starting to lose the feeling in my fingers after 30 minutes out in the field my boy was also showing signs of tiring…

It was time to head home and get on with the rest of the jobs on my to-do list as I was fuelled up on caffeine and sunshine.

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