Hits of sunshine

Like any Brit I have been known to grumble about bad weather on the odd occasion but it does make such a difference to how you feel.

With the longer days making an appearance it is easier to jump out of bed in the morning and get the day started, plus with a bit of sunshine added to the mix life is great.

It is strange to think this time last year it was frosty and cold when Tuesday was the warmest February day on record. I’m not adverse to running in all weathers but decided it was the perfect day to run outside and see if Mizu has improved as a running partner…

He was so good at staying close by and loved bounding through the ponds at the Common, to make it more pleasurable everyone I passed was happy to greet with a “morning” or smile, sunshine really does bring positivity.

Yesterday was another glorious day and even the dog was loving the small hits of sunshine on our walk…

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook such simple things that put a smile on your face but I think as Kurt Vonnegut said we should “Enjoy the little things”.

And on a grey morning like today I like to look for or make my own hits of sunshine that bring a smile, an extra squeeze from my OH and Little Miss before they go to work and into class or seeking some flower power inbetween ball throws to the dog at the park.

As the drizzle turned to rain I put my hood up and noticed the sun was trying to shine through, so scanned the sky to see if a rainbow would shine through…

I caught a glimpse before it faded but it did shine through, another hit of sunshine and positivity for today.

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