For many parents school holidays also mean a break from making lunch boxes or as they are known in Japan, obento (お弁当). However, in our house school holiday clubs means making lunches, which is a novelty for Little Miss as she usually has cooked meals at her school.

In Japan the lunch boxes vary in shape and size and of course design options just like in the UK, but with my OCD nature I like how they have separate areas and accessories to organise your lunch. Before leaving Tokyo we acquired a few bento boxes and gadgets to make novelty onigiri, rice balls, but as I’m usually rushing to make both breakfast and lunch while having a cup of tea the latter are not used so often. One of my favourite lunch boxes is the cat that was given as a gift.

Of course Little Miss loves her sparkles and unicorns, so last summer we bought a British style lunch bag to take her bento in and keep everything cool…

With food intolerances and allergies more common nowadays, the no nut rule for lunches means the easy option of peanut butter and jam sandwiches isn’t possible and Little Miss usually requests norimaki, rice wrapped in roasted seaweed, instead of a cheese sarnie.

As it’s only the odd few days I have to make a packed lunch I don’t mind taking the time to make something I know Little Miss will eat, so in addition to her cucumber norimaki I add some protein (today was Babybel cheese and mini sausages) and veggies because not only do they contribute to her 5 a day they also add some colour. For dessert, I include some fruit and a yogurt…

When I empty her bag and see everything has been eaten I know my time was well spent. Little Miss is also happy to hear she is the envy of some friends when I tell her one mum text saying I need to show her how to make sushi.

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