Stinky boy!

For fellow dog owners I thought I’d share the advice we were given yesterday in the event your furry friend ever rolls in something awful.

I have no idea what Mizu had rolled in on his Friday morning walk but even after a shampoo and a hose down he was still stinking and was relegated to only the kitchen until we could de-pong him, so I assume it was fox or badger poo…yuk!

He was feeling rather sorry for himself yesterday morning as no one was wanting to give him the cuddles he is used to while he smelt terrible, so off to the pet store we went were a lady recommended Animology Fox Poo Shampoo, unfortunately they’d sold out but one of the staff in the grooming room said to try apple cider vinegar or ketchup.

We were willing to try anything so after a stop at the store to buy supplies, we wet the dog, rubbed him in both and then rinsed and shampooed him too for good measure. Thankfully it worked and he is loving his cuddles again!

I’ve now added apple cider vinegar and ketchup to our shopping list and also ordered some of the Animology shampoo, as I’m sure this will not be the only time we have a stinky boy in the house.

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