It seems my OH ordered some nice warm weather for our arrival in Canada as today is October 1st and it is sunny with a high of 30°c here in Oakville, I’m loving it!

After a week here now I had to do the morning school run as hubby had to leave early today, this wouldn’t normally be something to write home about but given I’m not used to driving on the ‘wrong side’ of the road it was my first time driving without his guidance, so it was a big thing for me and felt so liberating. It was like getting my UK licence a couple of years ago when most people have already had their licence for a couple of decades.

With the sun shining it seemed like a perfect day to drive to a place to let my boy have his first proper run around in a week, as it seems at public spaces here dogs are required to be on a lead unless it’s a dog park. With the help of Prof Google I entered Lakeside on the map and off we went, Mizu was one happy boy!

The park provides water and bowls for our furry friends, which they were all needing after a run around. Unfortunately some humans tend to not notice when their dog poops, so I was thankful for the hose too when I needed to wash my boots on the way out.

Lake Ontario looked very inviting in the sunshine, so we went for a wander along the Lakeside trail and found a lovely spot to ponder about life and our new adventures ahead…

Being a water dog Mizu was desperate to take a dip but until I figure out the rules of the land he just got to wet his paws today.

I am sure there are many beautiful spots along Lakeshore but this is definitely one that has a sense of beauty and tranquility as the water washed back and forth on the shore…

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