Making lemonade from lemon juice

2020 has been a tough year for many, especially for the holidays when we usually travel to be with our family, however, one of the empty airport carparks at Toronto Pearson has been transformed into a drive thru winter wonderland, a perfect example of making lemonade from lemon juice and making the best of things. For full details check out Polar.

Little Miss was excited to stay up past bedtime last night and venture out in her pj’s and dressing gown with her bedtime cuddly and I was happy to be warm and toasty inside the car given the below zero temps we had yesterday, even the dog came for the drive…

“This is amazing!”

It will be the closest we will get to using an airport carpark for a while as we won’t be flying to the UK to see our family and friends or picking loved ones up that usually come to visit, but we have our health and the technology to keep in touch safely.

I hope wherever you are you remain positive and find the light, sparkles and magic that surrounds us despite these challenging times. Merry Christmas and here is to a happy and healthy 2021!

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