Bright Sky

After a cold, wet dog walk in the slushy snow I indulged in a couple of mini mince pies and a coffee while I had a scroll through Facebook, yes, I was also procrastinating from doing the jobs around the house again, I’m very good at that!

The post that caught my eye this morning was from a friend in New Zealand, it was highlighting websites that have a link to a non-traceable site where those affected by domestic abuse can ask for help. The post was shared with my Facebook friends, but with the majority of them not being based in NZ I wondered if the the UK was so forward thinking. I recall seeing posters with helpline details on a recent visit to our doctors, but that would mean being brave enough to speak to the doctor or staff there and then or taking a photo on your phone to save the details for later, which could be seen by someone else. So after a quick search I came across the Bright Sky app, which appears to be the closest thing we have here in the UK. Bright Sky is an app to seek help and log abuse without any of the data being stored on the device, so thank you Vodafone and Hestia for developing the application.

My shocking Japanese ability would make it impossible for me to find an equivalent to Bright Sky in Japan, however, during my time on the board for FEW (For Empowering Women) Japan one of the NPOs we supported was Resilience, who offer support and help for those affected by domestic violence.

Not the cheeriest of topics I know, but it gives me hope that there are organisations that are making it possible for domestic abuse victims and those worried about family or friends that may be in a situation, to reach out and ask for help without putting themselves at further risk. People shouldn’t have to look so hard to see the sun through the clouds but until we live in a perfect world please share support sites that may help someone who is too scared to speak out.

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