Jack Frost

We had been warned temperatures were set to continue dropping, so I shouldn’t have been surprised to see Jack Frost had made a visit overnight. Great, another job to add to our manic school mornings (and I only have one little person to get to class on time!), scraping the ice off the windscreen.

The car heating is turned to max after I see the outside temperature is -2.5 degrees Celsius and once Little Miss is safely buckled up in the back and Mizu in the boot we were set to go. Somehow we weren’t late or the last to get into school, but I made a mental note to myself; must be ready to leave five minutes earlier from now on.

I feel the cold, but I love fresh mornings when the sun is out and today was perfect for a wander with my boy Mizu. Like most dogs he loves to sniff around and was looking a little frosty too.

Forced to make a detour from our planned route due to a dog that’s not the most friendly, we set off down a cutting. Jack Frost had been busy along here, the red berries looked like they had been dusted with icing sugar and wouldn’t look out of place on top of a Christmas cake.

The leaves and prickly bits I later had to remove from Mizu looked pretty too.

A bit of a creature of habit I tend to lead Mizu around the same route but today we went in search of more frosty flora.

With the fields and plants all touched by Jack Frost I feel rather festive, so bearing in mind the wise words of Ranulph Fiennes, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.”, I look forward to wrapping up warm and embracing more frosty mornings.

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