Mini Mani

TGI Friday doesn’t have quite the same meaning when you are a stay at home mum and the job is 24/7/365 but I still get that happy feeling as it means Little Miss and my OH (other half) are not at school or work for the next couple of days, which means no alarm clock, fun times and occasionally a night out if we can get a babysitter, woohoo!

When we do have a date night or plans to meet up with friends I like to tune in to my ’90s house and dance classics while getting ready and try to find time to do my nails. When I was little I remember sitting on mum and dad’s bed watching my mum get ready, often I would try to help by rifling through her make up bag and opening up every eye shadow and taking the lids of everything, and now the time has come for my mini me to do exactly the same. Like all children who aspire to act old before their time, my Little Miss wants to be like mummy when I open up my make up drawer, so to avoid her taking chunks out of my lipstick and poking herself in the eye I explain she looks beautiful just as she is and that some of the products aren’t suitable for her delicate skin.

When I was pregnant I was more aware of what I was putting in/on my body in a bid to protect my unborn baby and was made aware of the nasties in some toiletries, make up and home care products. As a nesting mother I went on the rampage around our apartment and cleared out cupboards and drawers where necessary and sought out alternative products that are free from parabens and also silicone and sulphate free.

I digress as usual, so back to mini manicures. Any parent or carer wants the best for their loved ones and to make them happy, so in an attempt to give Little Miss a mani too I have bought kids nail art stickers and wraps, both of which were a fail. After 15 minutes of faffing around cutting them to size for teeny tiny nails only half of them remained by the end of the day, arghh, Little Miss wasn’t impressed with the results. Seeing her friends with painted nails I have managed to put off buying nail varnish sets in the toy stores for long enough and decided to find a product I am happy for her to use. Voila! It seems more manufacturers are making their products human friendly and I opted for a cute little set by Piggy Paint to put under the Christmas tree this year.

I am sure she will be inundated with gifts on Christmas Day but I am positive she will be very excited to have her own nail polish and look forward to our mummy and daughter mani sessions, of course we will have to wait for our nails to dry, so daddy will have to make the cups of tea while we sit back and relax.

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