Abstract Sunday

Pre-motherhood Sunday mornings were dedicated to sleeping in, potentially nursing a hangover and getting ready to meet up with friends for brunch, however nowadays once Little Miss is awake the day begins even if it is only 7am. I wouldn’t change it though, the early morning cuddles with Little Miss set me up for the day, once I have had a cup of tea and I can smell the coffee bubbling away on the stove for another dose of caffeine!

I like to get creative and have always encouraged Little Miss to do arts, crafts and even try her hand at ikebana (Japanese flower arranging), so I only have myself to blame when in between mouthfuls of cereal she tells me she wants to do a painting. If given a blank canvas I wouldn’t know where to start hence I am always looking for inspiration, I just never thought I would find any while watching an episode of Art Ninja on CBBC (Children’s BBC) with Little Miss.

Inspired by the Art Ninja I recently bought some supplies to put away for a rainy day. By 8am our kitchen table is covered with canvas, paintbrushes, paints, plates, bowls and glasses to allow us to creative our own abstract art piece.

Art Ninja introduced us to Sonia Delaunay (1885-1975), a Ukrainian born french artist, who after a quick Google search I found out was quite a special lady. In 1964 she was the first living female artist to have a retrospective exhibition at the Louvre.

Delaunay was known for her abstract art, so Little Miss set to work drawing around the saucers, bowls and even one of my antique crystal liqueur glasses…

As adults we can overthink things at times, where as children just go with their instinct, which is perfect for getting creative. I put out some colours I thought would work while ignoring my Capricorn tendencies to be too conservative and away she went.

I have to admit I helped with the edges as my OCD nature seems to have rubbed off on mini me and she wanted neater edges (as did I!), however the majority of the work was her own and although I am biased I think this morning’s work is worthy of some wall space.

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