Out on a School Night

After getting over the mummy guilt of leaving Little Miss at home with the babysitter after her meltdown all the way home from school, I was certainly in need of something cold and bubbly.

As usual she was fine by the time the sitter arrived and they were happily watching TV when the taxi whisked me away, so I was all set to head into London to join my OH for an evening of bubbles, canapes and music…yes, on a school night, I just hope I’m not suffering too much in the morning!

After living the expat dream in Tokyo and making home in one of the home counties of the UK I am loving country life but I also love being back in a city, the energy, crowds and bright lights.

As a child I used to love coming into London and I still get a buzz when I am in the city. I’m not sure I would want to do the daily commute like my OH as I did that back in Japan but it is an amazing place to have so close to home.

Like a scene from a rom-com my OH met me on the Jubilee Bridge which offers a fabulous view of the city.

After some free flowing bubbles I felt privileged to take a seat in the Royal Festival Hall and listened in awe as the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra began to play. The rest of the evening’s performers were amazing, however, my favourite was Joseph Callaja, especially when he descended from the stage and sang Le vie en rose amongst the audience. I tend to prefer tenors over soprano singers but He Wu was a wonderful performer too and a joy to watch in her stunning gowns and beautiful smile as she sang. With a few Christmas medleys included in the evening’s programme I left the hall feeling very festive.

During post event drinks at our friend’s hotel the phone buzzed to say our car had arrived and it was time to head home, a bit like Cinderella as the clock struck midnight.

I wasn’t wearing any glass slippers to leave behind but as I had to dig out the plasters due to my shoes during the evening it felt like my feet had been cut by glass. Maybe I’m getting too old to wear uncomfortable shoes but it was worth it and I look forward to getting out in the big smoke again soon.

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