“Oh Christmas tree…”

Luckily for you there’s no sound file option for me to sing the title but I’m sure you can imagine me having the voice of an angel! It’s feeling rather festive in our house now, we decorated the Christmas tree at the weekend, school creations have been stuck up on the fridge and cards are arriving by post, so it was time for Little Miss to create her 2018 card for daddy and the grandparents, which has become a bit of tradition and I hope it will continue as she grows up.

I set Little Miss to work on drawing some triangles and rectangles as a base for the Christmas tree, which in theory should have taken a couple of minutes but it appears my OCD tendencies have been inherited and they had to be perfect.

With kiddy friendly finger paints and glitter at the ready, it’s time to get messy…

Little Miss painted in a trunk and a shiny star was lovingly stuck on the top of the tree after I found a sheet of star stickers in my stash of craft supplies I bought from the 100yen shop back in Tokyo, I do miss that store but it was never a few hundred yen that was spent on a visit, just imagine IKEA’s market place.

Anyway, success, both of us were happy with the cards and only the kitchen table and one finger were covered in paint, the glitter is never an issue as I do love a bit of sparkle in life.

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