Spring is on its way

A week ago there were still remnants of the snow that had blanketed our area by the sides of the roads but with milder temperatures this week it seems spring is not far away.

Not only am I no longer wearing multiple layers of clothing on my morning dog walks but snowdrops are popping up all over the place.

Snowdrops are a welcome sight amongst last year’s fallen leaves and they remind me that a new season isn’t far away. Like most flowers snowdrops are more than just pretty and tend to have symbolic meaning.

After my time in Japan I now embrace seasonal change and the beauty of nature that so many take for granted or simply miss as they live their lives. I always point out the flowers and buds that I spot to Little Miss as I navigate slowly along meandering country lanes or during our walks, sometimes she surprises me and tells me a fact she learnt during forest school.

With a spring in my step I look forward to witnessing the changes on the daily walk around the village with my pooch after we have dropped Little Miss at school, and knowing she will also be getting her steps up on the Daily Mile that has recently been introduced.

So, look for the little things that bring hope and positive energy as there are many that go unnoticed as they try to emerge into the open.

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