Happy Thanksgiving!

We have been in Canada for three weeks now and currently enjoying a long weekend as today is Thanksgiving, so Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadians out there! At home in the UK we have the harvest festival if you go to church or school, however if you don’t Brits do not have a designated day to reflect upon the things we are grateful for, so it is lovely to think about who and what is special in my life and take a moment to give appreciation.

Little Miss brought a booklet home from school last week that she had been working on, it was really cute as she talked about being thankful for her family, the planet and her school. So what are you thankful for?

I am thankful for my amazing hubby, beautiful daughter, and my family and friends across the globe as they love me even when I’m grumpy and there is also the latest opportunity to embark on a new life adventure here in Canada.

After trading city life in Tokyo for rural English life in Berkshire I have come to appreciate the countryside and great outdoors more, so yesterday I was thankful for the opportunity to visit Bronte Creek Provincial Park. Just a ten minute drive from home I could partake in some shinrin-yoku, (Japanese for forest bathing) with my OH, Little Miss and Mizu….

and some salmon spotting along the creek trail too…

Life is manic, there is always somewhere you need to be, something to do or someone to call or meet, so take a moment to give thanks for all the good in your life and let those that are special to you know how much you appreciate them too.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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