First Snow!

As you can imagine relocating from the UK to Canada just 7 weeks ago we have been pretty busy with lots of life admin and trying to find a place to call home since our container has also now arrived. Little Miss is happy at her school, hubby is getting his teeth into his new role, car and truck purchased, long term rental agreement signed and Mizu passed his assessment for doggy daycare today, so we have checked a few things off the ‘to-do’ list.

However, last Wednesday Little Miss came home saying she needs her snow pants for outdoor learning the next day which required an after dinner shopping trip to get her kitted out, although we have invested in our winter coats since arriving we thought we had a bit longer to get completely winterised, apparently not! Last Thursday we had a bit of a snow flurry which inspired us to make a few more winter purchases at the weekend; emergency car kit, snow brushes/ice scrapers, warm PJs, fleece lined trousers and some thermal base layers, the latter have been great after the first snow that arrived earlier than normal on Monday.

Happy child, happy dog, not so happy mummy when it comes to driving in the snow and ice, especially when I am still getting used to driving on the ‘right’ side of the road and few here seem to abide by speed limits and still zip in and out of lanes even when the driving conditions aren’t good. After a horrid drive home on Monday evening, with the post snow weather bringing blue skies and sun during the day I have also been able to enjoy the beauty and fun of the snow…

On our walk this morning the snow crunched under foot as we walked along a local trail, the geese were sat on the frozen pond and birds were more visible now that the trees have lost their leaves.

Today I made my first pet-friendly de-icer salt purchase and saw a host of other things that we still need to buy to be truly prepared for what will be a real winter experience. Maybe next year I can convince my OH that we should follow the geese and fly south for the winter!

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