When it’s -4°c outside, feels like -11°c with the wind chill and looks like Disney’s Elsa has been working her magic but not ‘cold’ yet, I’m starting to wonder if I’ll survive Canadian winters after balmy 0°c winters in Tokyo and three or four days of snow in the UK home counties!

However, as a skier (after my OH converted me from boarding) I know that dressing for the weather makes the cold bearable and live by Sir Ranulph Fiennes words,

“There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.”

Plus as I have matured in age I am now willing to dress for function over fashion and no longer care if my outfit isn’t Instagram worthy, so you’ll have to excuse me for loving my recently purchased fleece lined trousers!

After this morning’s dog walk and losing my footing on icy patches a couple of times I had visions of Mizu pulling me over if he bolted unexpectedly, so when shopping for snow boots today I was sold on Pajar Ice-Gripper soles. Of course I did the usual shopping routine and looked around a few other stores before going back to the first place and invested in some Pajar Louisa boots…

I am sure I will be living in these with the daily dog walks and taking Little Miss out to play in the snow.

The other purchase I made today was a pair of down mittens…

I would’ve chosen black to go with everything else I own but Little Miss chose these for me, so guess I just need a knitted jumper with the same wintery design to be fully winterised.

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