Season’s Greetings

It’s that time of year again, Christmas Hits playing on Spotify, a glass of wine in hand and craft supplies at the ready for our mini Christmas card factory. Since Little Miss arrived we have made cards for daddy, grandparents and a few other special people in her life and it’s a tradition I hope we can continue.

I usually get some inspiration from Pinterest and give Little Miss a few options and then it’s craft time, this year she opted for a bauble design with paints and ribbon.

I love to see her at work and choosing colour combinations while I do my best not to ‘advise’, which anyone with OCD tendencies knows can be hard!

Little Miss opted to created some other festive shaped baubles and I made the stencils as instructed, which she filled using finger painting and cotton buds as our painting supplies have yet to be unpacked since relocating.

While the paint dried it was bow tying time and Little Miss was ready and waiting with the glue stick to add the finishing touch…

A bit biased but I think she did a great job and I enjoy the time spent working together on a crafty project. Now the majority of the cards are on their way to loved ones across the globe to send love and season’s greetings.

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