Kindness in a box…

A couple of weeks ago Little Miss came home from school telling me with much enthusiasm about the assembly they had that morning, it was about shoeboxes for ladies, needless to say I did my best to elicit more information and was thankful to receive full details from the teacher the following day.

This year all of the junior high school students were invited to donate to the Shoebox Project, an initiative to provide a care package and note of kindness to a lady impacted by homelessness and Little Miss was keen to get involved.

One day after school we stopped off at the store with $50 to fill the shoebox. Little Miss would’ve happily spent more (as would I) but we did our best to stay within the budget and choose some of the items she had been told about at assembly…

For those that follow my blog you’ll know Little Miss makes Christmas cards for family and she chose to make an extra one for the lady this year.

I was so proud of the effort and care Little Miss put into making her shoebox and her understanding and compassion to those less fortunate than others.

Today was the deadline for donations at school and over 100 shoeboxes were brought in…

The Shoebox Project isn’t the only organisation that aims to provide reassurance to women that they are important, cared for and not alone at a family oriented time like Christmas, however, given the worrying figures that show the need for such donations I know it’ll be a gift on our future Christmas present lists.

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