You are loved!

Happy Valentine’s day or Galentine’s day if you celebrated yesterday.

My OH is very romantic when he wants to be but isn’t a big believer in Valentine’s day, so we tend to just have a family meal and exchange cards and small gifts. As a family there isn’t a day that we don’t tell each other how much they mean to us but this year I thought it would be nice to write some love notes for Little Miss to read each morning from February 1st to 14th. When Little Miss was finally asleep my OH or I would write a note of love or one of the reasons we love her and stick it on her bedroom door…

It was a small gesture but so lovely to see the excitement every morning as she went to see what the latest heart said, even if she did struggle to read daddy’s handwriting, she knows how much she is loved.

Any excuse to show those you love and care about isn’t a bad thing but this year here in Canada I have seen Valentine’s in a whole new light with it being quite the event at my daughter’s school. Part of last week’s homework was to make and write cards for her JS1 classmates, so Little Miss created her own card range with vegetable stamps and made it a mission to write a batch of cards each day ready for party day yesterday.

Veggie stamp hearts

Given the look of joy on her face as she opened cards and small gifts of sweets, pencils and erasers I am sure the effort she put into her cards all seems worthwhile now and no doubt there were lots of other very happy little girls after school yesterday having celebrated friendship as part of what I I traditionally view as a romantic day.

Valentine’s loot

Like most holidays and festivals Valentine’s day is as commercialised as they come, however, I hope you feel the love today and share it with those who are near and dear to you too, happy Valentine’s day!

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