To go…

I was never a huge coffee drinker, but when I first got to Japan and needed something to get me through a 1-9pm shift at an English conversation school after getting home from a bar crawl at 5am I resorted to grabbing a coffee to go as I passed the cafe to get into the lift.

Like most true Brits the first drink of the day is English breakfast tea but I do like to have a coffee post dog walk. If I’m out and about I usually drink in (if the coffee shop allows furry friends), so I don’t need to use a disposable cup or I take my own if getting a coffee to go.

However, like most things in life we have the best intentions and I have to be honest I don’t tend to carry my reusable cup in my bag, so thought I’d treat myself to one that isn’t as bulky. I opted for the Stojo cup, which you can buy in most department stores or online.

With spring in the air and my friends in Japan posting their sakura (cherry blossom) photos on Facebook I went with the pink cup, which Little Miss approved of.

Now I have no excuses, as once folded up the cup fits in the palm of my hand and my coat pocket…

Today I gave it a whirl and even got an extra virtual stamp on my Cafe Nero app for bringing in my own cup, happy days!

So, caffeine hit achieved and I’m doing my little bit for the environment by not using a disposable cup, a win win situation.

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