The New Normal

Amidst the current Covid19 pandemic with some countries going into full lockdown to try and contain and manage the virus the new normal is very different to the lives we lived just a week or so ago.

The March break days out I had planned for Little Miss didn’t happen, so I was feeling a bit guilty that it wasn’t a very exciting school holiday, however, now I’m thankful that we didn’t have grand plans to travel and planned to stay close to home as we enjoyed rolling out our yoga mats and baking some treats…

One week down and starting the second week of the holidays at home, Ontario officials announced all schools will remain closed for 2 weeks after the March break with plans to re-open April 6th, but with the news today that all of our local parks and trails will be closed to ensure social distancing I think it’ll be a while before children return to school.

I have always admired teachers and the patience they have, so know I’ll be challenged by Little Miss as she doesn’t tend to take advice or instruction well from mummy but I am also looking forward to having extra time with her.

With my OH now also working from home we decided to designate work and study zones to use during the day as we are fortunate enough to have the space to do so, he has opted to be near the kitchen for easy access to the tea making facilities and Little Miss’ playroom will be her new classroom.

While children are at home studying there are also adults taking advantage of not having daily commutes to endure and investing in further studies and self development. Have you ever completed an online course? If not why not look into learning something new, there are lots of online offers for free trials or discounts to invest in yourself such as Synapse Leadership UK.

Having lived overseas and with family and friends spread across the globe we have always relied on technology to keep in touch, regular video calls with the grandfolk and virtual playdates with friends and now more than ever we appreciate how lucky we are to have access to such technology. Always keen to catch up with friends despite different time zones my buddies know I’m always available for a virtual coffee or glass of wine!

As we all muddle through this crisis it is important that we remain calm considerate and set realistic expectations, for those of you that are parents and undertaking home schooling and possibly juggling working too don’t forget we are parents not teachers, so be realistic about what you can achieve academically with your child or children and take the opportunity to enjoy some extra time with your loved ones. I had grand plans to follow an hourly multi-coloured time table for Little Miss but this morning we made some subject cards to stick up on a board so that she feels she has had some input, plus I have no idea what I’m doing! We also need to appreciate that the children are no doubt confused and worried too, missing their friends and after school fun, so inspire them, teach them some life skills and the importance of keeping fit and healthy…Little Miss and I had great fun on our Daily Mile and jumping around the living room doing the Body Coach’s PE lesson today, just worried I’ll be sore tomorrow!

I would like to take a moment to thank those that are making sure the sick are cared for, groceries are available and our towns and cities remain safe and clean, so do your bit too…stay home and stay safe.

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