Taking time out

With the new norm meaning I am currently doing on-the-job teacher’s assistant training as I help Little Miss with her remote schooling and am no longer able to get away with a mid-morning pastry with my coffee as lunch my days are busier than ever. However, I thought it would be good to use the extra time with Little Miss at home to try something new even though my OH is always telling me I try to squeeze too much into one day!

I have been indulging myself in joining Little Miss with the art lessons set by her teacher and doing my own doodles when enjoying a well deserved G&T in the garden after ‘work’.

Anyway, back to trying something new, I have always been disappointed that I couldn’t contribute by making things for premies or others in need when I saw posts on Facebook, so thought I’d give crochet a try as those requesting help often shared links for ‘beginner’ tutorials and said the basic pattern wasn’t over complicated…

Well Little Miss lost her patience with learning how to tie a slip knot on the kid’s beginner lesson we chose to watch and once I got to grips with the chain stitch I managed to make a friendship bracelet, a simple first project for children…baby steps! Little Miss liked the bracelet though and was determined to try again, another day, so let’s see if I continue this new hobby alone or with my daughter.

During this social distancing have you taken up anything new or dusted off an instrument, easel or tools you’ve not used in while? If not, why not seize the moment to try a new hobby or work on something you enjoy doing and never have time to do, there are lots of free video tutorials available online along with some courses being offered at a reduced fee or even free for a limited time.

Enjoy taking some time out and look for the rainbows amongst the clouds.

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