We are certainly living in a time that will be remembered, remote schooling, working from home as part of the juggling act, virtual playdates for kids, nights out (in) for the adults and having to queue to get into the supermarket. However, if you live with family or roommates there will be the chance to make some fun memories of this time too with the extra time together.

Last night when my OH stepped out to take our dog for his evening walk he almost stepped on the parcels that the postman had left on the doorstep as we are no longer required to sign for deliveries due to Covid-19, luckily he didn’t as one parcel was a very special one from the UK…

I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to things for Little Miss and have a box full of my favourite onesies, cute outfits, blankets, t-shirts from her pre-schools and her birthday dresses from each year hanging in the closet. When we left her school last summer to move to Canada, I thought rather than add another item to the collection it would be nice to have it made into a keepsake for Little Miss to remember the two years we were at the school and the wonderful friends she made there.

Luckily I have a friend, Kate, who I met on my travels years ago in Japan, she set up The Ribbon Rose Studio and makes memory bears and blankets along with other crafty creations, so I finally got round to sending off one of Little Miss’ old summer dresses and a bit of her house tshirt (the rest of it is in the box with the other bits!) for it to be made into a teddy bear.

A few weeks ago I was sent the Royal Mail tracking number and the last week or so Little Miss and I have been checking the post box while out for our Daily Mile to see if anything has arrived. Post from the UK to Canada seems to take an age at the best of times, so expected it to take longer with all that’s going on, but it was worth the wait.

When Little Miss unwrapped the gold tissue paper to find the bear I was so happy to see the smile on her face, when she realised it was made from her old uniform she was even more thrilled with the bear and like most little girls she loves sparkles, so the little “made with love” heart trinket was also a hit. I loved the fact that even the buttons from the dress were incorporated into the bear and how Kate had carefully embroidered the school name and years attended as I’d requested.

The bear is now sitting with the other precious cuddlies that Little Miss treasures and will always be there to remind her of the fun times and amazing little friends she made at her last school.

Once I get around to sorting through the other items I have kept I will be sending off another package of items to be made into a bedspread for Little Miss to treasure too. Maybe with the extra time at home I’ll finally get around to organising the thousands of photos on our cloud that I took while making memories with my loved ones, maybe…

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