VE Day 75 Years on…

If there weren’t the current restrictions in place I am sure there would be street parties galore across the UK today to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day (Victory in Europe Day). However, even with the restrictions I am glad to hear and see photos from family and friends that people have put up bunting, baked cakes and are enjoying picnics in their gardens and respecting the social distancing guidelines as they celebrate with neighbours across the garden walls.

Always thankful for my grandparent’s efforts during WW2 and all the others who fought for our freedom, and of course those that continue to serve and protect us today, I want to ensure Little Miss also appreciates the sacrifices made by others. Therefore, yesterday I set aside some time to tell her about VE Day and help with our 75th celebration preparations.

As you may have noticed from previous posts I do like my sweet treats and a cake is always required for a celebration, so some baking was required and thought the best way to explain some of the hardships our elders had during the war and for some time after was to use a WW2 rations cake recipe. Little Miss was quite perplexed that a cake could be made without eggs and horrified that vinegar was an ingredient!

I used this recipe I found online and opted to skip the frosting, because I wanted to decorate the cake with a Union Jack while sticking as close as I could to the basic rations, and set about making a stencil for the icing sugar dusting.

Much to the relief of Little Miss the cake tasted “just like chocolate cake” and my OH couldn’t belief how moist it was, so I think this could be a keeper and is perfect for those that can’t eat dairy.

Bunting always makes me think of British street parties and celebrations, so we set to work with our sparkly water colours to make some flags. After Little Miss was fast asleep I made the bunting and as it’s a (remote) school day here in Canada I decorated our “classroom”, which was a nice surprise for her this morning.

After a friend sent a picture of her all dressed up for VE Day at work I was inspired to make an effort too, so for the first time in ages I’m not in my activewear and have put on my red lipstick…which I think both Little Miss and my husband approve of!

With chocolate cake for elevenses and our flags flying we thought even the dog should join in with the celebrations…

During these strange Covid19 times people have had more time to reflect on what’s truly important in life and like our elders who have lived through wars and difficult times we are even more thankful for the people and things in life that at times we may take for granted. Stay safe and well and as they used to sing/say “we’ll meet again”, so stay positive and keep in touch with those you love.

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