The Never Ending Laundry…

Imagine this being sang to the theme tune of The Never Ending Story and you get where I’m going with this, even with just three of us in the house it seems like there is always another load of laundry to do so you are probably wondering why I’m writing about it.

Well since the move to Canada I had to find a detergent that was fine for sensitive skin and found one but after a few months was horrified at the amount of packaging I had to put out for recycling as it wasn’t a concentrated liquid, so started looking into alternatives. Ads for Tru Earth laundry strips regularly appeared on my Facebook feed, so I ordered some recently to try them out. I must be getting old as I was quite excited for them to arrive in the post…

I was happy to see no plastic container or wrapping and the scented strips weren’t overpowering.

Pretty cool to think this one strip replaces a couple of tablets or a cap of liquid, so was keen to see how effective it was.

I am happy to report the strip dissolved completely, so there was nothing yucky left in the drawer and the laundry washed well. With sensitive skin in the house we have never had laundry that smells floral or like fresh linen, so if that’s what you like these may not be for you as even the scented strips didn’t leave much of a scent after a wash.

We will stick with Tru Earth for now as no adverse reactions to my daughter’s super sensitive skin and like to think we are not contributing detergent bottles into the recycling system, maybe that will offset the wine bottles that we put out instead, hehe!

No idea how we got onto the subject but while having drinks with some ladies yesterday someone mentioned Tru Earth and another said wait until you see what I use, all intrigued she went off to the laundry room and came back with a jar of soap nuts and a pile of little cotton bags. She explained a bag is good for about six washes and then you just compost the nuts and bag, then proceeded to make us all a little bag of soap nuts to take home and try, so will give these a whirl now as apparently great for sensitive skin and more cost-effective than the strips.

Anyway, boring subject but thought for others out there that are looking to do something good for the environment maybe this is it…the laundry is never going to end but maybe we can help put an end to the amount of packaging used for detergents.

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