Keto treats

I trust you’ve had a great summer if also in the northern hemisphere, despite the lockdowns and travel restrictions, I certainly did. I feared it would be the longest summer on record with 12 weeks of remote teaching prior to the 3 month summer vacation but it has flown by and been lovely having my hubby and Little Miss at home. We managed a week away in cottage country and some day trips around Lake Ontario and the Niagara region (I must share some photos with you), as usual I digress but my point being all of the fun and over indulging during the summer break plus the gym being closed for most of it I gained some COVID weight to go with the COVID hair, even Mizu got to the groomers before I made it to the hairdressers! Therefore, as of this week I am trying out the Keto diet, so I can fit back into my jeans as the cooler temperatures return.

The keto diet is basically a high fat, low carb diet, so no bread, pasta, potatoes or processed foods and fruit…most of the things I love to eat and as you know I do enjoy sweet treats so have made sure I can get my fix during the diet and think this recipe for Keto no-bake peanut butter bars hit the spot.

An online order was required to buy some of the ingredients to replace the baking goods most people have in the cupboards as I’ve never heard of monk fruit as a sugar alternative, it’s a learning process and good to try new recipes.

Little Miss is always happy to help in the kitchen, so helped mix up our first batch and of course help with quality control…the verdict was thumbs up from everyone and now the problem is stopping at just one bite!

What is your favourite sweet treat? Chocolate is definitely my downfall but life is sweet enough when have those you love by your side and good health.

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